It’s OK to have a break day

5 times… that’s how many times I woke up last night.  5 times!! And each time; I got up, checked on the kids, pat the cat, wandered around the house checking locks and lights and then lay in bed for 45 minutes before falling back asleep. Then an hour later… rinse and repeat.  I know getting up is not advised as it wakes you up more but I am feeling anxious at the moment.  If I don’t ease my mind – Are the kids ok? Is the house locked? Why is the cat meowing? – then it begins to race with the maybes and the what ifs.  I have to know everything is OK.

The events of the last week with my husband’s dear Nana passing, and the subsequent emotions not only in me but in my darling husband and children, have left me drained.  Normal I know, but I am somewhat annoyed in myself that a week after the funeral I can still burst into tears at a sideways glance.

So today will be a break day.  A happy day.  A rest day.

We are making glorious cinnamon rolls (more to come on that later), playing cars in kinetic sand, and watching American Ninja Warrior.  And that’s OK.


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  1. Shame, I am so sorry for your loss. I am not surprised you were having a rough time sleeping, you had a lot going on. Hope things have settled down a bit for you. x


    1. Thank you, they are starting too now. x


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