Glorious Cinnamon Rolls… Mmmmm

Step One to making everything better on a not so great day:

FOOD. Sugar, Carbohydrates and Fat…. yes, it’s a temporary fix but one that for some people (ME!) helps.  Now I am not talking processed, chemically enhanced super market junk here.  Though in a pinch if you so desire – go for it!  I am talking about rich, fluffy, buttery, fresh-from-the-oven-to-your-belly scrumminess!

I find the process of baking cathartic, the kids join me and we play, giggle and make a big mess. The cleaning up part I don’t enjoy so much, but it is satisfying once done.

Today we made Cinnamon Rolls. I have made these many times and they always fix that need for something sweet and sinful.  This recipe makes a nice, big batch and the best part of it?

The dough is made in the bread machine!

I used this Homemade Cinnamon Roll recipe today from the blog Thriving Home.

It worked perfectly.

Once the breadmaker had done it’s job, we kneaded the dough slightly and rolled it out.


Then generously buttered it. MMmmmmm


Worked the butter until it looked like this:


Brown sugar and cinnamon, come at me!


Roll ‘er up!  (Those little fingers on the left just couldn’t stop!)


Slice up and into pan to rise…


Perfectly browned, deliciously glazed and one piece served and ready to devour immediately.





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  1. This really looks delicious! And now I’m craving for some cinnamon rolls! LOL. It’s great to read that you and your kids had fun in making this. 🙂

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    1. Oh they were so yummy! Apart from a few that hubby to to share with his work today, they were demolished in a matter of minutes!

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      1. I bet they were! They looked so good in the picture I can almost taste them. haha


  2. amg16 says:

    Ohhhh these look so tempting! These will definitely be on our dinner table sometime in the very near future! I absolutely love cinnamon rolls of any kind. They are one of my favorite things to create.:)

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    1. Enjoy! Let us know how they come out. Everyone in our household just loves cinnamon rolls!


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