Take Heart, Find Peace, We Are Taken Care Of.

Sometimes, it’s those quiet moments with your children where you have an awakening.

Our family devotions last night were around the 23rd Psalm. Simple words written for children’s understanding spoke to ME:

“All God’s people are Jesus’ sheep.  Jesus takes care of them, just as David took care of his sheep.  Boys and girls are Jesus’ lambs. He LOVES them.  He WATCHES OVER them, just as David watched over the lambs in his flock. God LOVES us. He TAKES CARE of us.

When we remember that He LOVES us, we can be HAPPY even when we are sick.  We can be HAPPY in times of trouble.  We can be HAPPY when it is time for us to die and go to heaven. There we will see our Good Shepherd.” *excerpt from Leading Little Ones to God.

I feel I struggle with the “Let go and Let God” philosophy.  I am always trying to do things and fix things myself, according to MY plan.  My heart says, “Calm down. It’s ok. Stop worrying. God has a plan.”  But my head says, “I want it now. Do it your way, it’ll be faster. Why didn’t that work out? Why did this happen? ”

Timing is key to God’s plan.  Sure we need certain things and we want to have a certain life or job or financial position – work towards those. Definitely, go for your dreams!

But here’s the kicker.  When it doesn’t work out exactly the way YOU want it to, or within the timeline YOU have planned, STOP freaking out.  When something bad or terribly hard to understand happens, sure you are are going to grieve, you are going to struggle but try to find a sense of PEACE knowing that He has a PURPOSE.  We just might not understand it.  And guess what, we may never understand why some things happen or don’t happen.

Keep working. Keep dreaming. Keep hoping. Keep praying for HIS will. Don’t give up.

And if it turns out that your plan isn’t in line with God’s – try to trust that HIS plan will be so much better. Better than we ever dreamed or imagined.

Because His plan is perfectly designed for us and will NOT fail.

Wait on HIM.  Through the good times and the bad.  Wait on HIM.

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  1. Hi, thank you so much for stopping by at my blog, for the ‘likes’, and for the follow. I look forward to visiting your blog. I must say it looks lovely. Have a wonderful day. x

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    1. Thank you for stopping by mine too! 😊

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  2. Good, beautiful and true says:

    I am always so blessed by devotionals I do with my children. Hearing the gospel simply is such a blessing.

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    1. Oh it sure is a blessing! And sharing it with your children is so precious and worthwhile. God bless. Thanks for stopping by and sharing. xx

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  3. Sparkyjen says:

    Yes…His time is different then my time. I trust that He has my highest and best in his omnipotent hands, and so I can wait to be shown the way and the light. I believe if I can show Him I trust, He will give me more to trust and believe in!

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    1. Yes, this is the way to be! Trust in Him. He has a perfectly formed and timed plan for you. 😊

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